April 1, 2013   3 notes

Dear Readers,

Since the advent of medical school, I have started a new blog:


I’ve been consistently updating kocharle several times a day for the last six months (for a total of about 550 posts and counting), and I have every intention of publishing daily updates until the end of medical school.

Unfortunately, I no longer have a use for charkoko anymore, so I have privatized everything on this blog and I do not plan on updating here again.  I apologize for any sadness this might cause.

There is, however, good news: I’ve realized that charkoko, over the course of its one-year existence, has gleaned a number of loyal followers—followers whom I have regretfully not shared the password to the new blog with because I didn’t consider them to be “good friends”—and I can’t help but feel a little guilty because of this one question:

Why won’t someone who has faithfully followed my old journal for an entire year qualify as a good friend?

After some rumination, I’ve realized my folly and decided that all my loyal readers (which include everyone who is reading this post) not only deserve an invitation, but they also deserve an apology from me for excluding them in the first place.

I’m sorry for starting the party without you guys.  In my attempt to create a small and controlled audience, I’ve left out some of the better guests.  

The password to kocharle is “onepieceisgreat”

Feel free to take a peek or peruse.  Keep in mind that I still prefer a somewhat controlled audience, so please don’t start reblogging this post or sharing the blog with everyone you know (not that you would because nothing I say is really worth sharing, but I feel obligated to state this request anyway.)

So, once again:  if you’re reading this post, then you are invited to my new blog, kocharle.  Thank you all for being wonderful followers, and I’ll see you on the other side.

All best,